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This is a python library for the bitly api

all methods raise BitlyError on an unexpected response, or a problem with input

src/h/o/horas-HEAD/apps/meetings/models.py   horas(Download)
import tweepy
import bitly_api
from django_states.fields import StateField

src/w/h/whistler-HEAD/whistler/mixins/short.py   whistler(Download)
import bitly_api
from whistler.bot import EVENT_MESSAGE

src/b/r/breezeminder-HEAD/breezeminder/models/card.py   breezeminder(Download)
        if self._shorturl is None and app.cache.get(check_cache_key) is None:
            # Shorten the absolute URL for this card
            import bitly_api
            abs_url = 'https://breezeminder.com/cards/view/%s' % self.pk_hash

src/l/a/lampstand-HEAD/lampstand/reactions/weblink.py   lampstand(Download)
import re, time, os
import lampstand.reactions.base
from lampstand import tools
import bitly_api
import urlparse

src/t/w/tweetrssfeed-0.1.6/tweetrssfeed/tweetrssfeed.py   tweetrssfeed(Download)
import tweepy
import feedparser
import bitly_api

src/t/g/tgg-BotSteve-HEAD/modules/rss.py   tgg-BotSteve(Download)
        for title,time,link in current:
            if time not in old:
                import bitly_api
                import shelve
                bitly_data = shelve.open('bitly.data')

src/f/e/federal-treasury-api-HEAD/twitter/tweetbot.py   federal-treasury-api(Download)
#!/usr/bin/env python
import humanize
import math
import datetime
import bitly_api

src/h/a/Hashtag-Elecciones-HEAD/main.py   Hashtag-Elecciones(Download)
sys.path.insert(0, 'libs/bitly_api')
from tweepy import *
import bitly_api
import keys

src/t/w/twitter-bots-HEAD/tos.py   twitter-bots(Download)
import random
import lxml.html
import bitly_api
def smart_truncate(content, length=110, suffix='[...]'):

src/b/i/bitly-api-python-HEAD/test/test_bitly_api.py   bitly-api-python(Download)
import sys
import bitly_api

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