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@brief Upload videos to blip.tv or update blip.tv posts

This script can be used to post videos to blip.tv, or to upload additional
formats for existing posts, or to change the description of existing posts.

The script uses the blip.tv "REST Upload API". See http://blip.tv/about/api/.
blip.tv uses item IDs to identify videos. For the video at
http://blip.tv/file/123456, the item ID is "123456". The code refers to
this ID as "video_id".

src/v/e/veyepar-HEAD/dj/scripts/post_blip.py   veyepar(Download)
# posts to blip.tv
import blip_uploader

src/v/e/veyepar-HEAD/dj/scripts/pmc_get_n_tweet.py   veyepar(Download)
import feedparser 
import blip_uploader
# from process import process

src/v/e/veyepar-HEAD/dj/scripts/ckblip.py   veyepar(Download)
import xml.etree.ElementTree
import blip_uploader
from post_blip import roles
import pw

src/v/e/veyepar-HEAD/tests/blip/up_del.py   veyepar(Download)
import sys
import blip_uploader
import pw