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src/b/l/blockBox-HEAD/blockbox/server.py   blockBox(Download)
from blockbox.constants import *
from blockbox.globals import *
from blockbox.heartbeat import Heartbeat
from blockbox.irc_client import ChatBotFactory
from blockbox.persistence import PersistenceEngine as Persist
        if self.config["use_blockbeat"] or self.config["send_heartbeat"]:
            self.heartbeat = Heartbeat(self)
        if self.config["use_irc"]:
            self.irc_relay = ChatBotFactory(self)
        if (time.time() - self.last_heartbeat) > 180 and (self.config["use_blockbeat"] or self.config["send_heartbeat"]):
            self.heartbeat = None
            self.heartbeat = Heartbeat(self)
    def loadArchive(self, filename):