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src/b/l/blockBox-HEAD/blockbox/server.py   blockBox(Download)
from blockbox.protocol import BlockBoxServerProtocol
from blockbox.timer import ResettableTimer
from blockbox.world import World
class BlockBoxFactory(Factory):
        Returns the ID of the new world.
        world = self.worlds[world_id] = World(filename)
        world.source = filename
        world.clients = set()
        del self.worlds[world_id]
        world = self.worlds[world_id] = World("mapdata/worlds/%s" % world_id, world_id)
        world.source = "mapdata/worlds/" + world_id
        world.clients = set()

src/b/l/blockBox-HEAD/blockbox/plugins/worldutil.py   blockBox(Download)
from blockbox.decorators import *
from blockbox.plugins import ProtocolPlugin
from blockbox.world import World
class WorldUtilPlugin(ProtocolPlugin):