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blogger - google blogger module 
they have their own api, dammit

src/t/y/typepad2blogger-0.0.2/src/typepad2blogger/__init__.py   typepad2blogger(Download)
import mt, blogger
__version__ = "0.0.1"
__all__ = ['mt','blogger']

src/f/r/FrogstarB-0.1.0/frogstarb/commandline.py   FrogstarB(Download)
import sys, os, os.path, logging
import optparse, ConfigParser
from getpass import getpass
import frogstarb, blogger

src/e/a/EasyBlogger-0.9.0/blogger/__init__.py   EasyBlogger(Download)
from blogger import EasyBlogger, main
import blogger

src/p/y/python-blogger-HEAD/bloggergui.py   python-blogger(Download)
import blogger
import Tkinter as Tk
import sys
def gui_login(toplevel):