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        def uniform_path(path):
    return os.path.abspath(os.path.normcase(os.path.normpath(path)).replace('\\', '/'))

src/s/i/SiteTool-0.3.0/sitetool/command.py   SiteTool(Download)
from sitetool import help
from bn import uniform_path
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def path_from_config(filename, path):
    abs = uniform_path(path)
    if abs != path:
        # Relative path
        return os.path.abspath(os.path.normpath(os.path.join(os.path.split(filename)[0], path)))
        raise getopt.GetoptError('Unexpected argument %r'%args[2])
    # Note, the Python API has page as the first argument, not template
    page = uniform_path(args[1])
    template = uniform_path(args[0])
    from sitetool.api import create
    elif len(args) > 1:
        raise getopt.GetoptError('Unexpected argument %r'%args[1])
    page_or_template = uniform_path(args[0])
    from sitetool.api import list_areas

src/d/r/DreamweaverTemplate-0.2.2/dreamweavertemplate/__init__.py   DreamweaverTemplate(Download)
import re
from bn import relpath, uniform_path
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def update_links(site_root, old_path, new_path, content):
    site_root = uniform_path(site_root)
    add_new_path_slash = False
    if new_path.endswith('/'):
        add_new_path_slash = True
    old_path = uniform_path(old_path)
    new_path = uniform_path(new_path)
    def get_new_link(old_path, old_link, new_path):
        # Calculate the absolute path of each link from the link and the
        # old_path
        link_path = uniform_path(
            posixpath.join(posixpath.dirname(old_path), old_link)

src/a/r/Archiver-0.2.2/archiver/api.py   Archiver(Download)
import uuid
from bn import relpath, uniform_path, AttributeDict
from sqlalchemy import Table, Column, Integer, String, MetaData, ForeignKey,\
    DateTime, Enum, select, and_, create_engine, not_
def merge(dst, stores, skip_files=False):
    file_counts = []
    if uniform_path(dst) in [uniform_path(store) for store in stores]:
        raise Exception('You can\'t merge %r into itself'%dst)

src/d/r/DreamweaverTemplate-0.2.2/dreamweavertemplate/service.py   DreamweaverTemplate(Download)
import os
from bn import AttributeDict, uniform_path
from dreamweavertemplate import DWT
from pipestack.pipe import Marble, MarblePipe
        if not template.startswith('/'):
            template = uniform_path(
            raise Exception('No such template %r'%template_path)
                os.path.join(self.bag.app.config[self.name].directory, '../', template_path)

src/c/o/ConfigConvert-0.2.2/configconvert/__init__.py   ConfigConvert(Download)
from configconvert.internal import eval_import, simple_import, import_module
from bn import uniform_path as up, AttributeDict
from nestedrecord import decodeNestedRecord, encode_error
from conversionkit import Conversion
                    if uniform_path:
                        conversion.result = up(directory)
                        conversion.result = directory
            if uniform_path:
                conversion.result = up(directory)
                conversion.result = directory
                    if uniform_path:
                        conversion.result = up(filename)
                        conversion.result = filename
            if uniform_path:
                conversion.result = up(filename)
                conversion.result = filename

src/s/t/StaticDispatch-0.2.1/staticdispatch/__init__.py   StaticDispatch(Download)
import os
import logging
import mimetypes
from bn import AttributeDict, uniform_path
                log.warning('PATH_INFO %r doesn\'t start with a \'/\' character')
                path_info = '/'+path_info
            resource = uniform_path(os.path.join(bag.app.config[name].site_root, path_info[1:]))
            path = u''
            script = u''
                    log.info('Adding path %r and script %r to resolve cache. Using %r as the resource', path, script, resource)
                    url_cache[resource] = path, script
                    bag[name]['app'] = uniform_path(os.path.join(bag.app.config[name].site_root, script))
                elif counter == 0:

src/p/i/PipeStack-0.5.3/pipestack/app.py   PipeStack(Download)
import warnings
from bn import AttributeDict, uniform_path, OrderedDict
from commandtool import handle_command, Cmd, LoggingCmd
from configconvert import parse_and_split_options_change_dir, parse_config_string, split_options

src/c/o/ConfigConvert-0.2.2/configconvert/service.py   ConfigConvert(Download)
import warnings
from bn import absimport, AttributeDict, uniform_path
from configconvert import existingDirectory, existingFile, parse_config,\
   handle_option_error, handle_section_error, split_options

src/a/p/AppDispatch-0.3.4/appdispatch/__init__.py   AppDispatch(Download)
import os
import sys
import logging
from bn import AttributeDict, absimport, uniform_path

src/g/a/Gallery-0.1.0/gallery/__init__.py   Gallery(Download)
import math
from bn import uniform_path
from bn import relpath
from commandtool import parse_html_config