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src/b/n/bnw-HEAD/bnw/handlers/command_post.py   bnw(Download)
import random
import time
from bnw.core.base import BnwResponse, get_webui_base
import bnw.core.bnw_objects as objs
from bnw.core.post import publish
def throttle_check(user):
    post_throttle = yield objs.Throttle.find_one({'user': user})
    if post_throttle and post_throttle['time'] >= (time.time() - 5):
        raise BnwResponse('You are sending messages too fast!')

src/b/n/bnw-HEAD/bnw/xmpp/parser_simplified.py   bnw(Download)
from base import CommandParserException, BaseParser
from bnw.core.base import BnwResponse
from twisted.internet import defer
def requireAuthSimplified(fun):
    def newfun(self, command, msg, parameters):
        if msg.user is None:
            raise BnwResponse('Only for registered users')

src/b/n/bnw-HEAD/bnw/xmpp/parser_regex.py   bnw(Download)
import parser_basexmpp
from bnw.core.base import BnwResponse

src/b/n/bnw-HEAD/bnw/xmpp/parser_redeye.py   bnw(Download)
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from base import CommandParserException
from bnw.core.base import BnwResponse
from twisted.internet import defer

src/b/n/bnw-HEAD/bnw/web/api.py   bnw(Download)
import json
import time
from twisted.internet import defer
from tornado.escape import utf8, _unicode
from bnw.core.base import BnwResponse