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src/b/n/bnw-HEAD/bnw/web/site.py   bnw(Download)
from bnw.web.base import BnwWebHandler, BnwWebRequest
from bnw.web.auth import LoginHandler, LogoutHandler, requires_auth, AuthMixin
from bnw.web.api import ApiHandler
define("port", default=8888, help="run on the given port", type=int)
class MainWsHandler(WsHandler, AuthMixin):
    """Deliver new events on main page via websockets."""
    def get_handlers(self):
        if self.version == '2':
class UserHandler(BnwWebHandler, AuthMixin):
    templatename = 'user.html'
    def respond(self, username, reco=None, tag=None):
class UserRecoHandler(BnwWebHandler, AuthMixin):
    templatename = 'user.html'
    def respond(self, username, tag=None):
class UserInfoHandler(BnwWebHandler, AuthMixin):
    templatename = 'userinfo.html'
    def respond(self, user):