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Make move specified by (r, c, flip): Create a piece at (r, c),
and for each (R, C) in `flip', flip the piece at (R, C).

To animate flipping, pass in a function `animatefunc' to be called
between piece flips.

src/p/y/pythello-0.1/pythello/boardtk.py   pythello(Download)
    def makemove(self, r, c, flip):
        Board.makemove(self, r, c, flip, animatefunc=self.animatefunc)
    def switchplayers(self, printboard=False, lostturn=False):
        if lostturn:

src/p/y/pythello-0.1/pythello/player.py   pythello(Download)
        for (r, c, flip) in moves:
            boardc = Board(other=board) # "copy constructor"
            boardc.makemove(r, c, flip)
            value = -self.minimax(boardc, depth-1, -beta, bestval and -bestval or inf)[0]