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src/c/h/chieftain-HEAD/converter/models.py   chieftain(Download)
from django.utils.html import strip_tags as strip_html_tags
from board.models import Thread, Post, File, FileType, Section, DeniedIP
from board.tools import get_key, print_flush
        for i, p in enumerate(self.get_posts()):
            print_flush("Initialized post {}".format(i))
        print "\nInitialized {} posts. Trying to convert them...".format(i)
            if first_post:
                i = "f{}".format(i)
            print_flush("Converting post {}".format(i))
                self.convert_post(p, first_post)

src/c/h/chieftain-HEAD/board/management/commands/rebuild_cache.py   chieftain(Download)
from django.core.management.base import BaseCommand
from board.tools import print_flush
from board.models import Thread, Post