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src/n/o/noGo-HEAD/widgetcache.py   noGo(Download)
from kivy.properties import NumericProperty, ReferenceListProperty, ObjectProperty, ListProperty, AliasProperty, StringProperty, DictProperty, BooleanProperty, StringProperty, OptionProperty
from boardwidgets import Stone, TextMarker, TriangleMarker, SquareMarker, CircleMarker, CrossMarker, VarStone, get_stone_image_location, BlackStoneSimple, WhiteStoneSimple, BlackStoneShell, WhiteStoneShell, BlackStoneDrawn, WhiteStoneDrawn, WhiteStoneBorderedShell, BlackStoneBorderedShell, WhiteStoneStylised, BlackStoneStylised
from kivy.app import App
        if stone_type == 'slate and shell':
            return BlackStoneShell()
        elif stone_type == 'bordered slate and shell':
            return BlackStoneBorderedShell()