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src/r/a/ralph_assets-HEAD/src/ralph_assets/forms.py   ralph_assets(Download)
from bob.forms import (
class BulkEditAssetForm(DependencyForm, ModelForm):
        Form model for bulkedit assets, contains column definition and
        validadtion. Most important are sn and barcode fields. When you type
        sn you can place many sn numbers separated by pressing enter.
class DependencyAssetForm(DependencyForm):
    Containts common solution for adding asset and editing asset section.
    Launches a plugin which depending on the category field gives the
    opportunity to complete fields such as slots

src/r/a/ralph_assets-1.2.13/src/ralph_assets/forms.py   ralph_assets(Download)
from django.utils.safestring import mark_safe
from mptt.forms import TreeNodeChoiceField
from bob.forms import DependencyForm, SHOW, Dependency
from ralph_assets.models import (
class BaseAddAssetForm(DependencyForm, ModelForm):
    def dependencies(self):
        blade_systems = AssetCategory.objects.filter(is_blade=True).all()
        yield Dependency('slots', 'category', blade_systems, SHOW)