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src/b/o/bodhi-HEAD/bodhi/tests/models/test_models.py   bodhi(Download)
from bodhi.models import (UpdateStatus, UpdateType, UpdateRequest,
                          UpdateSeverity, UpdateSuggestion)
from bodhi.tests.models import ModelTest
from bodhi.config import config
class TestRelease(ModelTest):
class TestEPELRelease(ModelTest):
    """Unit test case for the ``Release`` model."""
    klass = model.Release
    attrs = dict(
class TestPackage(ModelTest):
    """Unit test case for the ``Package`` model."""
    klass = model.Package
    attrs = dict(name=u"TurboGears")
class TestBuild(ModelTest):
    """Unit test case for the ``Build`` model."""
    klass = model.Build
    attrs = dict(