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src/b/o/bodhi-HEAD/bodhi/models/models.py   bodhi(Download)
from bodhi import buildsys, mail
from bodhi.util import (
    header, build_evr, rpm_fileheader, get_nvr, flash_log,
    get_age, get_critpath_pkgs,
            self.comment(u'This update has been unpushed',
            flash_log("%s has been unpushed" % self.title)
        elif action is UpdateRequest.obsolete:
            flash_log("%s has been obsoleted" % self.title)
        notes = notes and '. '.join(notes) or ''
        flash_notes = flash_notes and '. %s' % flash_notes
        flash_log("%s has been submitted for %s. %s%s" % (self.title,
            action.description, notes, flash_notes))
        self.comment('This update has been submitted for %s by %s. %s' % (