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src/b/o/bodhi-HEAD/bodhi/models/models.py   bodhi(Download)
from bodhi import buildsys, mail
from bodhi.util import (
    header, build_evr, rpm_fileheader, get_nvr, flash_log,
    get_age, get_critpath_pkgs,
    def get_rpm_header(self):
        """ Get the rpm header of this build """
        return rpm_fileheader(self.get_srpm_path())
    def get_changelog(self, timelimit=0):

src/b/o/bodhi-HEAD/bodhi/mail.py   bodhi(Download)
from kitchen.text.converters import to_unicode
from bodhi.util import rpm_fileheader
from bodhi.exceptions import RPMNotFound
        info['changelog'] = u""
            oldh = rpm_fileheader(lastpkg)
            oldtime = oldh[rpm.RPMTAG_CHANGELOGTIME]
            text = oldh[rpm.RPMTAG_CHANGELOGTEXT]