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BoGo is a Vietnamese input method conversion library. This library
is intentionally functional with no internal state and side-effect.


>>> import bogo
>>> bogo.process_sequence('meof')
>>> bogo.process_sequence('meo2', rules=bogo.get_vni_definition())(more...)

src/i/b/ibus-bogo-python-HEAD/ibus_engine/ibus_engine.py   ibus-bogo-python(Download)
    os.path.abspath(os.path.join(ENGINE_PATH, "..")))
import bogo
from mouse_detector import MouseDetector
from keysyms_mapping import mapping

src/i/b/ibus-bogo-python-HEAD/ibus_engine/base_config.py   ibus-bogo-python(Download)
import json
import os
import bogo