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src/b/o/bokeh-0.4.4/examples/plotting/file/scatter_selection.py   bokeh(Download)
import numpy as np
from bokeh.plotting import *
import bokeh
N = 100

src/p/y/pydata-HEAD/bokeh/init.py   pydata(Download)
import bokeh

src/b/o/bokeh-0.4.4/bokeh/tests/test_bokeh_init.py   bokeh(Download)
    def test_print(self):
        import bokeh
        # remove nodename and processor from the system info
        sysinfo = list(platform.uname())
        del sysinfo[1]
    def test_version_defined(self):
        import bokeh
        self.assertTrue(bokeh.__version__ != 'unknown')
    def test_testing(self):
        import nose
        import bokeh
        nose.main = mock.MagicMock(return_value=True)
        bokeh.test(verbosity=100, xunitfile='xunitcapturefiledotxml.xml', exit=False)