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BOMfu file Parser

The Bomfu file format is optimized for human editing and parses easily.
The file lists two types: supplier definitions, parts

Supplier definitions ...

Part entries ...
consist of one "master" line and five kinds of auxilliary lines.
The master line lists part name, quantity_units (optional), (more...)

src/b/o/bomfu-HEAD/web/bom_edit.py   bomfu(Download)
    Returns: error string on error, otherwise None
    import bomfu_parser
        if part_ids:

src/b/o/bomfu-HEAD/web/bomfu_parser_legacy.py   bomfu(Download)
def get_new_from_legacy():
    import bomfu_parser
    subsystems = ['frame-gantry','frame-table','frame-outer',
                  'frame-door','y-cart','y-drive', 'x-cart','x-drive','electronics',
                  'optics-laser','frame-panels','air-assist', 'extra']