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Interface Documentation Module

The interface documentation module retrieves its information from the
site manager. Therefore, currently there are no unregsitered interfaces
listed in the documentation. This might be good, since unregistered interfaces
are usually private and not of interest to a general developer.

$Id: book.py 113308 2010-06-10 01:09:36Z srichter $

src/g/o/goodreads-py-HEAD/goodreads/client/author.py   goodreads-py(Download)
import book
class Author:
    def __init__(self, author_dict):
        for key, val in author_dict.items():

src/c/h/chesstools-0.1.8/chesstools/__init__.py   chesstools(Download)
COLORS = {'white':'black','black':'white'}
import board, move, list, timer, piece, ai, book
from board import Board
from move import Move

src/b/o/book.isbn-0.0.2/setup.py   book.isbn(Download)
sys.path.insert(0, 'src')
import book
version = book.__version__