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src/d/j/django-sendgrid-1.0.1/example_project/sendgrid/tasks.py   django-sendgrid(Download)
def exists_bucket(name, connection=None):
	if not connection:
		import boto
		connection = boto.connect_s3()
def ensure_bucket(name, connection=None):
	if not connection:
		import boto
		connection = boto.connect_s3()

src/b/o/botoweb-HEAD/example/tools/shell.py   botoweb(Download)
#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys
import boto
from getpass import getpass

src/e/v/EVE-Market-Data-Relay-HEAD/examples/python/cloudwatch_grapher/cloudwatch_grapher.py   EVE-Market-Data-Relay(Download)
import gevent
import gevent.monkey; gevent.monkey.patch_all()
import boto
import zmq.green as zmq

src/a/w/aws-cfn-custom-resource-examples-HEAD/examples/eip-lookup/impl/lookup-eip.py   aws-cfn-custom-resource-examples(Download)
from argparse import ArgumentParser
import boto
from boto.dynamodb2.table import Table

src/w/o/workerpool-0.9.2/samples/boto/sdb.py   workerpool(Download)
    import boto
    from boto.sdb.domain import Domain
except ImportError:

src/w/o/workerpool-HEAD/samples/boto/sdb.py   workerpool(Download)
    import boto
except ImportError:
    print """

src/t/o/tornado_sample-HEAD/sample/handlers/handlers.py   tornado_sample(Download)
import urllib
import boto
import cStringIO
import Image

src/l/o/logcatcher-HEAD/example_scripts/move_scribe_logs_to_s3.py   logcatcher(Download)
import boto
from boto import s3
from boto.s3.key import Key
import os, glob
import subprocess

src/a/w/aws-python-sample-HEAD/s3_sample.py   aws-python-sample(Download)
# Import the SDK
import boto
import uuid

src/b/o/botoweb-HEAD/botoweb/resources/user.py   botoweb(Download)
		from botoweb.exceptions import BadRequest
		import urllib2, urllib
		import boto
		account_id = boto.config.get("Twilio", "account_id")
		auth_token = boto.config.get("Twilio", "auth_token")
			import boto, urllib2
			if digits:
				digits = "on"
			return hand.read().strip()
			import boto, uuid
			boto.log.exception("Exception generating random entropy for Auth Token from Random.org")
			return str(uuid.uuid4()).replace("-","")
	def send_password(self, app_link):
		"""Send the user a random password"""
		import boto
	def send_auth_token(self, app_link, app_name=None, subject="Account Created", args={}):
		"""Send the user an auth-token link, allowing them to 
		set up their own login using JanRain Authentication"""
		import boto
		self.auth_token = self.generate_password(length=20)

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