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Bound attributes are attributes that are bound to a specific class and
a specific name.  In SQLObject a typical example is a column object,
which knows its name and class.

A bound attribute should define a method ``__addtoclass__(added_class,
name)`` (attributes without this method will simply be treated as
normal).  The return value is ignored; if the attribute wishes to
change the value in the class, it must call ``setattr(added_class,
name, new_value)``.

src/h/t/HTPC-Manager-HEAD/libs/sqlobject/joins.py   HTPC-Manager(Download)
import boundattributes
class SOManyToMany(object):

src/s/q/SQLObject-1.6.0b1dev-r4713/sqlobject/joins.py   SQLObject(Download)
import boundattributes
class SOManyToMany(object):