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src/r/e/renren-HEAD/spider.py   renren(Download)
    def __init__(self,repo_name='test',user='yyttrr3242342@163.com',passwd=None):
        if default_storage is None:

src/r/e/renren-HEAD/test_parse.py   renren(Download)
# -*- coding: utf-8-*-
import unittest
import parse
from browser import browser

src/b/o/bok_choy-0.3.0/bok_choy/web_app_test.py   bok_choy(Download)
from abc import ABCMeta
from uuid import uuid4
from .browser import browser, save_screenshot
        # Set up the page objects
        # This will start the browser, so add a cleanup
        self.browser = browser(tags)
        # Cleanups are executed in LIFO order.