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src/s/e/seal-0.4.0-rc2/seal/lib/aligner/bwa/bwa_iterator.py   seal(Download)
import bwa_core as bwa
from bwa_mapping import BwaMapping
from seal.lib.event_monitor import QuietMonitor
    for i in xrange(seq_pairs_read):
      for j in 0, 1:
        yield BwaMapping(self.gopt[0], self.__bnsp[0], bwsa[j][i], bwsa[j^1][i])
      # since it doesn't seem to make much of a difference in speed I'll leave it in.
      #if bwsa[0][i].type == bwa.BWA_TYPE_NO_MATCH or bwsa[1][i].type == bwa.BWA_TYPE_NO_MATCH:
        yield BwaMapping(self.gopt[0], self.__bnsp[0], bwsa[0][i], bwsa[1][i]), BwaMapping(self.gopt[0], self.__bnsp[0], bwsa[1][i], bwsa[0][i])