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src/b/y/byCycleCore-0.4a0.dev-r1054/byCycle/model/entities/public.py   byCycleCore(Download)
        from byCycle.util.meter import Meter, Timer
        timer = Timer()
        nodes = matrix['nodes']
        edges = matrix['edges']
        meter = Meter(num_items=num_edges, start_now=True)
        meter_i = 1
        for row in rows:

src/b/y/byCycleCore-0.4a0.dev-r1054/byCycle/model/milwaukeewi/data/shp2sql.py   byCycleCore(Download)
    # Iterate over street name IDs and set street name IDs of raw records
    Q = 'UPDATE %s SET street_name_id=%%s WHERE id IN %%s' % raw
    met = meter.Meter()