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src/t/e/testrunner-HEAD/pysystests/app/workload_manager.py   testrunner(Download)
    # save changes
    ObjCacher().store(CacheHelper.WORKLOADCACHEKEY, workload)
@celery.task(ignore_result = True)
                    # update and cache workload object
                    ObjCacher().store(CacheHelper.WORKLOADCACHEKEY, self)
                logger.error("key: '%s' does not exist in kvpair.  Smart querying disabled" % key)
        # if object has been fully setup
        if name in Workload.AUTOCACHEKEYS and self.initialized:
            ObjCacher().store(CacheHelper.WORKLOADCACHEKEY, self)
        # check if workload is being deactivated
    def from_cache(id_):
        return ObjCacher().instance(CacheHelper.WORKLOADCACHEKEY, id_)
class Template(object):
    def __init__(self, params):