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Cached information.

This class is designed to hold information that is stored in a cache
between instances.  It can act both as a dictionary (c['foo']) and
as an object (c.foo) to get and set values and supports both string
and date values.

If you wish to support special fields you can derive a class off this
and implement get_FIELD and set_FIELD functions which will be
automatically called.

src/o/p/openerp-extra-6.1-HEAD/comparison/website/erpComparator/erpcomparator/static/planet_comparison/planet/__init__.py   openerp-extra-6.1(Download)
class Channel(cache.CachedInfo):
    """A list of news items.
    This class represents a list of news items taken from the feed of
    a website or other source.
class NewsItem(cache.CachedInfo):
    """An item of news.
    This class represents a single item of news on a channel.  They're
    created by members of the Channel class and accessible through it.