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In-memory pickle cache based on Multi-Queue cache algorithm

Multi-Queue algorithm for Second Level Buffer Caches:

Quick description:
- There are multiple "regular" queues, plus a history queue
- The queue to store an object in depends on its access frequency
- The queue an object is in defines its lifespan (higher-index queue eq.
  longer lifespan)(more...)

src/n/e/neoppod-1.1/neo/client/app.py   neoppod(Download)
from .poll import ThreadedPoll, psThreadedPoll
from .iterator import Iterator
from .cache import ClientCache
from .pool import ConnectionPool
from neo.lib.util import p64, u64, parseMasterList
        # no self-assigned UUID, primary master will supply us one
        self.uuid = None
        self._cache = ClientCache()
        self._loading_oid = None
        self.new_oid_list = ()