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src/o/b/ObjectStateTracer-0.1a0.dev-r2593/objectstatetracer/auth.py   ObjectStateTracer(Download)
from turbogears import identity
from cache import request_cache
log = logging.getLogger('objectstatetracer.auth')
    def wrapped(*args, **kw):
        cache = request_cache('auth')
        user = identity.current.user and identity.current.user.id or None

src/o/b/ObjectStateTracer-0.1a0.dev-r2593/objectstatetracer/model.py   ObjectStateTracer(Download)
from exceptions import *
from cache import request_cache
hub = PackageHub('objectstatetracer.dburi')
    def from_python(self, value, state):
        mapper = config.get('objectstatetracer.user_mapper')
        model = get_user_model()
        if mapper:
            cache = request_cache('user_validator')