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See /net/disk_cache/disk_format.h for details.

src/c/h/Chromagnon-HEAD/chromagnon/cacheParse.py   Chromagnon(Download)
from cacheBlock import CacheBlock
from cacheData import CacheData
from cacheEntry import CacheEntry
            raw = struct.unpack('I', index.read(4))[0]
            if raw != 0:
                entry = CacheEntry(CacheAddress(raw, path=path))
                # Checking if there is a next item in the bucket because
                # such entries are not stored in the Index File so they will
                # be ignored during iterative lookup in the hash table
                while entry.next != 0:
                    entry = CacheEntry(CacheAddress(entry.next, path=path))
            # Follow the chained list in the bucket
                entry = CacheEntry(CacheAddress(addr, path=path))
                while entry.hash != hash and entry.next != 0:
                    entry = CacheEntry(CacheAddress(entry.next, path=path))