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src/m/h/MHST2013-14-HEAD/edx_all/edx-platform/common/djangoapps/contentserver/middleware.py   MHST2013-14(Download)
from xmodule.contentstore.content import StaticContent, XASSET_LOCATION_TAG
from xmodule.modulestore import InvalidLocationError
from cache_toolbox.core import get_cached_content, set_cached_content
from xmodule.exceptions import NotFoundError
            # first look in our cache so we don't have to round-trip to the DB
            content = get_cached_content(loc)
            if content is None:
                # nope, not in cache, let's fetch from DB

src/m/h/MHST2013-14-HEAD/edx_all/edx-platform/cms/djangoapps/contentstore/tests/test_core_caching.py   MHST2013-14(Download)
from cache_toolbox.core import get_cached_content, set_cached_content, del_cached_content
from xmodule.modulestore import Location
from xmodule.contentstore.content import StaticContent
from django.test import TestCase