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Parse the header, returning a CacheControl object.

The object is bound to the request or response object
``updates_to``, if that is given.

src/w/e/weby-HEAD/lib/webob/__init__.py   weby(Download)
        if cache_obj is not None and cache_header == value:
            return cache_obj
        cache_obj = CacheControl.parse(value, type='request')
        env['webob._cache_control'] = (value, cache_obj)
        return cache_obj
        value = self.headers.get('cache-control', '')
        if self._cache_control_obj is None:
            self._cache_control_obj = CacheControl.parse(value, updates_to=self._update_cache_control, type='response')
            self._cache_control_obj.header_value = value
        if self._cache_control_obj.header_value != value:
            new_obj = CacheControl.parse(value, type='response')
                self.headers['Cache-Control'] = value
            value = CacheControl.parse(value, 'response')
        cache = self.cache_control