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src/a/d/advancedcaching-HEAD/advancedcaching/qmlgui.py   advancedcaching(Download)
    def _parser_version(self):
        import cachedownloader
        return cachedownloader.VERSION
    def _parser_date(self):
        import cachedownloader

src/a/d/advancedcaching-HEAD/advancedcaching/hildon_plugins.py   advancedcaching(Download)
        l = gtk.Label('')
        import cachedownloader
        l.set_markup("Website parser version %d (from %s)\n\nIf you're having trouble downloading geocaches or uploading fieldnotes, try clicking 'update' to fetch the latest website parser.\n\nAlso check the regular maemo updates from time to time." % (cachedownloader.VERSION, cachedownloader.VERSION_DATE))
        l.set_alignment(0, 0)

src/a/d/advancedcaching-HEAD/advancedcaching/core.py   advancedcaching(Download)
import provider
from threading import Thread
import cachedownloader
from actors.tts import TTS
from re import sub