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A class that wraps an XML object to expose its sub-elements.

src/c/a/cashflow-1.0/src/cashflow/book.py   cashflow(Download)
from cashflow.oxm import XMLWrapper, XMLChild, XMLChildText, XMLChildren
# Precompute the names of common GnuCash XML tags.
class Split(XMLWrapper):
    """A GnuCash split (one of several parts of a transaction)."""
    value = XMLChildText(split_value)
    account_guid = XMLChildText(split_account)
class Splits(XMLWrapper):
class Transaction(XMLWrapper):
    """A GnuCash transaction."""
    date_posted = XMLChildText(trn_date_posted, ts_date)
    splits = XMLChild(trn_splits, Splits)
class Account(XMLWrapper):