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src/c/e/CellProfiler-HEAD/cellprofiler/modules/correctilluminationcalculate.py   CellProfiler(Download)
from cellprofiler.cpmath.cpmorphology import fixup_scipy_ndimage_result as fix
from cellprofiler.cpmath.bg_compensate import backgr, MODE_AUTO, MODE_BRIGHT
from cellprofiler.cpmath.bg_compensate import MODE_DARK, MODE_GRAY
IC_REGULAR         = "Regular"
        self.spline_bg_mode = cps.Choice(
            "Background mode",
            [MODE_AUTO, MODE_DARK, MODE_BRIGHT, MODE_GRAY], doc = """
            <i>(Used only if %(SM_SPLINES)s are selected for the smoothing method and 
            spline parameters are not calculated automatically)</i><br>