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src/c/e/CellProfiler-HEAD/cellprofiler/modules/trackobjects.py   CellProfiler(Download)
import cellprofiler.measurements as cpmeas
import cellprofiler.preferences as cpprefs
from cellprofiler.cpmath.lapjv import lapjv
import cellprofiler.cpmath.filter as cpfilter
from cellprofiler.cpmath.cpmorphology import fixup_scipy_ndimage_result as fix
            j = np.hstack([0,t[:,1].astype(int)])
            c = np.hstack([0,t[:,2]])
            x, y = lapjv(i, j, c)
            a = np.argwhere(x > len(new_i))
        j = d[:,1].astype(int)
        c = d[:,2]
        x,y = lapjv(i,j,c)
        #attaches different segments together if they are matches through the IAP

src/c/e/CellProfiler-HEAD/cellprofiler/cpmath/tests/test_lapjv.py   CellProfiler(Download)
                i = i.flatten()
                j = j.flatten()
                x,y,u,v = LAPJV.lapjv(i, j, c.flatten(), True, reductions)
                min_cost = np.sum(c)
                best = None
        for d,ec in zip(dd, expected_costs):
            n = np.max(d[:,0].astype(int))+1
            x,y = LAPJV.lapjv(d[:,0].astype(int), d[:,1].astype(int), d[:,2])
            c = np.ones((n,n)) * 1000000
            c[d[:,0].astype(int), d[:,1].astype(int)] = d[:,2]