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src/h/a/haufe.hrs.configuration-0.5.18/haufe/hrs/configuration/service.py   haufe.hrs.configuration(Download)
    def _clear(self):
        self.parser = cfgparse.ConfigParser()
        self.model_files = list()
        self.configuration_files = list()
        LOG.debug('Reloading configuration')
        # create a new parser first (w/o overriding the original one)
        parser = cfgparse.ConfigParser()
        # re-add model files

src/h/a/haufe.hrs.configuration-0.5.18/haufe/hrs/configuration/util.py   haufe.hrs.configuration(Download)
    if parser is None:
        parser = cfgparse.ConfigParser()
    for filename in filenames:
        parseModel(filename, parser,  LOG)