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Adds configuration file to parser.  Note, file is not read until parse 
or get_option method is called (and even then it may not be read if any
keys in the keys list are not in the keys being used to parse).

cfgfile -- either the filename or a file stream, defaults to None (see table below)
content -- either file contents string or file stream, defaults to None (see table below)
type -- set to either 'py', 'ini', or None (default) to control file parser used.   
    When set to None, filename extension is used to determine parser to use.  'py'
    interprets the file as Python code.  Otherwise the 'ini' style parser is used.
keys -- key list that all options in the configuration file will (more...)

src/h/a/haufe.hrs.configuration-0.5.18/haufe/hrs/configuration/service.py   haufe.hrs.configuration(Download)
        # add configuration files
        for filename in self.configuration_files:
            parser.add_file(cfgfile=filename, content=None)
        opts = parser.parse()