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src/c/h/Chiplotle-0.4/chiplotle/tools/logtools/apply_logger.py   Chiplotle(Download)
from chiplotle.tools.logtools.get_logger import get_logger
def apply_logger(f):
   '''Applies a logger object to the 'wrapped' function.'''
   logger = get_logger(f.func_name)

src/c/h/Chiplotle-0.4/chiplotle/plotters/baseplotter.py   Chiplotle(Download)
from chiplotle.hpgl import commands 
from chiplotle.hpgl.abstract.hpgl import _HPGL
from chiplotle.tools.logtools.get_logger import get_logger
from chiplotle.tools.serialtools import VirtualSerialPort
import math
   def __init__(self, serial_port):
      self.type = '_BasePlotter'
      self._logger = get_logger(self.__class__.__name__)
      self._serial_port = serial_port
      self._hpgl = commands