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src/c/h/chirp-1.2.2/chirp/pitch/tracker.py   chirp(Download)
    if maskfile is not None and os.path.exists(maskfile):
        from chirp.common.geom import elementlist, masker
        print >> cout, "* Mask file:", maskfile
        elems = elementlist.read(maskfile)
        mask = masker(configfile=config, **kwargs)

src/c/h/chirp-1.2.2/chirp/gui/PitchOverlayMixin.py   chirp(Download)
    def __init__(self, configfile=None):
        self.configfile = configfile
        self.filter = postfilter.pitchfilter(configfile=configfile)
        self.masker = geom.masker(configfile=configfile)
        self.trace_h = []

src/c/h/chirp-1.2.2/chirp/compare/spcc.py   chirp(Download)
        from libtfr import fgrid, dynamic_range
        from chirp.common.signal import spectrogram
        from chirp.common.geom import elementlist, masker
        from numpy import linspace, log10