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src/c/h/chirp-1.2.2/chirp/gui/SpecViewer.py   chirp(Download)
from chirp.gui import TSViewer
from chirp.common.signal import spectrogram
from chirp.common.config import _configurable
from matplotlib import cm
    def __init__(self, configfile=None):
        self.spectrogram = spectrogram(configfile=configfile)
        self.signal = None
        self.image = None

src/c/h/chirp-1.2.2/chirp/compare/spcc.py   chirp(Download)
        from ewave import wavfile
        from libtfr import fgrid, dynamic_range
        from chirp.common.signal import spectrogram
        from chirp.common.geom import elementlist, masker
        from numpy import linspace, log10
        Fs = fp.sampling_rate
        speccr = spectrogram(**self.options)
        # adjust window size to get correct number of frequency bands
        df = 1. * (self.options['freq_range'][1] - self.options['freq_range'][0]) / self.options['nfreq']

src/c/h/chirp-1.2.2/chirp/misc/plotpitch.py   chirp(Download)
    from chirp.version import version
    from chirp.common.graphics import axgriditer
    from chirp.common.signal import spectrogram
    def gridfun(**kwargs):