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src/c/h/chirp-1.2.2/chirp/gui/chirpgui.py   chirp(Download)
from chirp.common import geom, audio, config, plg
from chirp.gui import wxgeom, HelpWindow
from chirp.gui.SpecViewer import SpecViewer, SpecHandler
from chirp.gui.DrawMask import DrawMask
from chirp.gui.PitchOverlayMixin import PitchOverlayMixin
    def load_params(self, infile):
        self.configfile = config.configoptions(infile)
        # this is sort of kludgy, but it's not too much
        sig, Fs = self.spec.handler.signal, self.spec.handler.Fs
        self.spec.handler = SpecHandler(self.configfile)