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list() -> new empty list
list(iterable) -> new list initialized from iterable's items

src/s/c/scielo-manager-HEAD/scielomanager/journalmanager/models.py   scielo-manager(Download)
    acronym = models.CharField(_('Acronym'), max_length=16, blank=False)
    scielo_issn = models.CharField(_('The ISSN used to build the Journal PID.'), max_length=16,
        choices=sorted(choices.SCIELO_ISSN, key=lambda SCIELO_ISSN: SCIELO_ISSN[1]))
    print_issn = models.CharField(_('Print ISSN'), max_length=9, db_index=True)
    eletronic_issn = models.CharField(_('Electronic ISSN'), max_length=9, db_index=True)