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A ComboBox aka Drop Down box that can be assigned a list of
keys and values

src/c/a/Camelot-13.04.13-gpl-pyqt/camelot/view/controls/editors/onetomanychoiceseditor.py   Camelot(Download)
#  ============================================================================
from camelot.view.model_thread import post
from choiceseditor import ChoicesEditor
no_choice = [(None, '')]
class OneToManyChoicesEditor(ChoicesEditor):

src/c/a/Camelot-13.04.13-gpl-pyqt/camelot/view/controls/editors/__init__.py   Camelot(Download)
from booleditor import BoolEditor, TextBoolEditor
from charteditor import ChartEditor
from choiceseditor import ChoicesEditor
from codeeditor import CodeEditor
from coloredfloateditor import ColoredFloatEditor