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Handle the book of tunes

src/c/h/ChordBook-0.0.12/cbk.py   ChordBook(Download)
    raise RuntimeError("Can't find input file '%s'." % opt.infile)
book = libcbk.Book()
f = open(opt.infile)

src/c/h/ChordBook-0.0.12/chordbook/test/test_libcbk.py   ChordBook(Download)
    def test__init__(self):
        """Ensure Book() returns a Book object"""
        book = libcbk.Book()
        self.assert_(isinstance(book, libcbk.Book))
        expected = "<class 'chordbook.libcbk.Book'>({'tunes': [], 'band': '', 'version': '', 'filename': ''})"
        book = libcbk.Book()
        self.assertEqual(book.__repr__(), expected)