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src/s/m/smash-HEAD/smashbenchmarking/vcf_eval/eval_helper.py   smash(Download)
from __future__ import print_function
from chrom_variants import VARIANT_TYPE,GENOTYPE_TYPE,extract_range,ChromVariants
from rectify_seq import SequenceRescuer
    def _extract(self,chromvariant,locset,num_type_dict):
        clone = ChromVariants(chromvariant.chrom, chromvariant._max_indel_len)
        for loc in locset:
            var = chromvariant.all_variants[loc]

src/s/m/smash-HEAD/smashbenchmarking/vcf_eval/variants.py   smash(Download)
from eval_helper import chrom_evaluate_variants
from chrom_variants import ChromVariants
from itertools import chain
  def _virgin_chrom(self, chrom):
    """Return an empty set of variants on a given chromosome."""
    return ChromVariants(chrom, self._max_indel_len, **self._args)
  def _add_record(self, record):