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webel - A Cinfony module that runs entirely on web services

webel can be used from all of CPython, Jython and IronPython. 

Global variables:
  informats - a dictionary of supported input formats
  outformats - a dictionary of supported output formats
  fps - a list of supported fingerprint types

src/a/z/AZOrange-HEAD/azorange/AZutilities/getCinfonyDesc.py   AZOrange(Download)
if "webel" in toolkitsEnabled:
        from cinfony import webel
        print "WARNING: webel is not available for cinfony."

src/c/i/cinfony-HEAD/test/testall.py   cinfony(Download)
    from cinfony import webel
except ImportError:

src/a/z/AZOrange-HEAD/tests/source/AZorngCinfonyTest.py   AZOrange(Download)
    def test_webel(self):
        from cinfony import webel
        mol = webel.readstring("smi", "CCC")
        desc = mol.calcdesc(webel.getdescs()[5:7])
        for d in desc: