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Default set of constants for parsedatetime.

If PyICU is present, then the class will first try to get PyICU
to return a locale specified by C{localeID}.  If either C{localeID} is
None or if the locale does not exist within PyICU, then each of the
locales defined in C{fallbackLocales} is tried in order.

If PyICU is not present or none of the specified locales can be used,
then the class will initialize itself to the en_US locale.

src/c/i/cipher.lazydate-2.0.0/src/cipher/lazydate/lazydate.py   cipher.lazydate(Download)
            return dt.timetuple(), 1
        parser = cipher.lazydate.parsedatetime.parsedatetime.Calendar(
        # Now without timezone information because some expressions
        # are not parsed correctly for timezone-aware times.