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Controller for a set of circuit breakers.

@ivar clock: A callable that takes no arguments and return the
    current time in seconds.

@ivar log: A L{logging.Logger} object that is used for the circuit

@ivar maxfail: The maximum number of allowed errors over the
    last minute.  If the breaker detects more errors than this, the(more...)

src/g/i/gilliam-py-0.1.1/gilliam/service_registry.py   gilliam-py(Download)
from urlparse import urljoin, urlsplit, urlunsplit
from circuit import CircuitBreakerSet, CircuitOpenError
from requests.exceptions import (RequestException, ConnectionError,
            self.cluster_nodes.append((cluster_node, requests.Session()))
        self.breaker = CircuitBreakerSet(clock.time, logging.getLogger(