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This is the base class for all components in a circuits based application.
Components can (and should, except for root components) be registered
with a parent component.

BaseComponents can declare methods as event handlers using the
handler decoration (see :func:`circuits.core.handlers.handler`). The
handlers are invoked for matching events from the
component's channel (specified as the component's ``channel`` attribute).

BaseComponents inherit from :class:`circuits.core.manager.Manager`.(more...)

src/c/i/circuits-3.0.0.dev/circuits/protocols/http.py   circuits(Download)
from io import BytesIO
from circuits.core import handler, BaseComponent, Event
class HTTP(BaseComponent):
    channel = "web"
    def __init__(self, encoding="utf-8", channel=channel):

src/c/i/circuits-3.0.0.dev/circuits/app/daemon.py   circuits(Download)
import errno
from circuits.core import handler, BaseComponent, Event
class Daemon(BaseComponent):
    """Daemon Component
    :param pidfile: .pid filename
    :type  pidfile: str or unicode

src/c/i/circuits-3.0.0.dev/circuits/protocols/line.py   circuits(Download)
import re
from circuits.core import handler, Event, BaseComponent
LINESEP = re.compile(b"\r?\n")
class Line(BaseComponent):
    """Line Protocol
    Implements the Line Protocol.

src/c/i/circuits-3.0.0.dev/circuits/web/client.py   circuits(Download)
from circuits.net.sockets import TCPClient
from circuits.net.events import close, connect, write
from circuits.core import handler, BaseComponent, Event
class Client(BaseComponent):
    channel = "client"
    def __init__(self, channel=channel):

src/c/i/circuits-3.0.0.dev/circuits/web/http.py   circuits(Download)
from circuits.six import text_type
from circuits.net.events import close, write
from circuits.core import handler, BaseComponent, Value
from . import wrappers
class HTTP(BaseComponent):
    """HTTP Protocol Component
    Implements the HTTP server protocol and parses and processes incoming
    HTTP messages, creating and sending an appropriate response.

src/c/i/circuits-3.0.0.dev/circuits/web/servers.py   circuits(Download)
from circuits import io
from circuits.net.sockets import read, write
from circuits.core import handler, BaseComponent
from circuits.net.sockets import TCPServer, UNIXServer
from .http import HTTP
from .dispatchers import Dispatcher
class BaseServer(BaseComponent):
class StdinServer(BaseComponent):
    channel = "web"
    def __init__(self, encoding="utf-8", channel=channel):

src/c/i/circuits-3.0.0.dev/circuits/net/sockets.py   circuits(Download)
from circuits.six import binary_type
from circuits.core.utils import findcmp
from circuits.core import handler, BaseComponent
from circuits.core.pollers import BasePoller, Poller
class Client(BaseComponent):
    channel = "client"
    def __init__(self, bind=None, bufsize=BUFSIZE, channel=channel):
class Server(BaseComponent):
    channel = "server"
    def __init__(self, bind, secure=False, backlog=BACKLOG,

src/c/i/circuits-3.0.0.dev/circuits/web/loggers.py   circuits(Download)
from circuits.six import string_types
from circuits.core import handler, BaseComponent
class Logger(BaseComponent):
    channel = "web"
    format = "%(h)s %(l)s %(u)s %(t)s " \

src/c/i/circuits-3.0.0.dev/circuits/web/wsgi.py   circuits(Download)
from circuits.tools import tryimport
from circuits.core import handler, BaseComponent
StringIO = tryimport(("cStringIO", "StringIO", "io"), "StringIO")
class Application(BaseComponent):
    channel = "web"
    headerNames = {
class Gateway(BaseComponent):
    channel = "web"
    def init(self, apps):

src/c/i/circuits-3.0.0.dev/circuits/web/controllers.py   circuits(Download)
from functools import update_wrapper
from circuits.core import handler, BaseComponent
from . import tools
class BaseController(BaseComponent):
    channel = "/"

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