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close Event

This Event is used to notify a client, client connection or server that
we want to close.

.. note::
    - This event is never sent, it is used to close.
    - This event is used for both Client and Server Components.

:param args:  Client: () Server: (sock)(more...)

src/c/i/circuits-3.0.0.dev/tests/web/conftest.py   circuits(Download)
import pytest
from circuits.net.sockets import close
from circuits.web import Server, Static
from circuits import handler, Component, Debugger
    def finalizer():
        webapp.fire(close(), webapp.server)

src/c/i/circuits-3.0.0.dev/tests/net/test_unix.py   circuits(Download)
from circuits import Manager
from circuits.net.sockets import close, connect, write
from circuits.net.sockets import UNIXServer, UNIXClient
from circuits.core.pollers import Select, Poll, EPoll, KQueue
        assert pytest.wait_for(server, "data", b"foo")
        assert pytest.wait_for(client, "disconnected")
        assert pytest.wait_for(server, "disconnected")